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Fall 2016

3D Creationist

Tallinn, Estonia


Jyväskylä, Finland

Arctic Robotics

Vantaa, Finland


Malmö, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden


Helsinki, Finland


Riga, Latvia


Oulu, Finland


Tomsk, Russia


Helsinki, Finland

TAU Tracker

Khabarovsk, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Riga, Latvia


Moscow, Russia

Spring 2016


Vilnius, Lithuania


Helsinki, Finland


Riga, Latvia

Kuan Intelligence

London, UK/Hong Kong


Minsk, Belarus

Marina Ahoy

Tallinn, Estonia

MOAR Stack

Kaliningrad, Russia


Beirut, Lebanon

Noiseless Acoustics

Helsinki, Finland


Tallinn, Estonia


Moscow, Russia


Helsinki, Finland


Riga, Latvia

Vital Smith

Seoul, South Korea

Fall 2015


Moscow, Russia


Kiev, Ukraine


Moscow, Russia


Krakow, Poland

Epic Foods

Helsinki, Finland


Kiev, Ukraine


Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland


St. Petersburg, Russia


Budapest, Hungary


Vilnius, Lithuania

Soil Scout

Helsinki, Finland


St. Petersburg, Russia

Spring 2015


Kiev, Ukraine


Vilnius, Lithuania


Bucharest, Romania

Echelon Creative

New York, United States


Helsinki, Finland

Copenhagen, Denmark


Helsinki, Finland


Tampere, Finland


Riga, Latvia




Helsinki, Finland

Plate Culture

Vilnius, Latvia


Kiev, Ukraine


Moscow, Russia

Fall 2014


Helsinki, Finland

Audio Trip

Krakow, Poland

Cloud Mic

Vilnius, Lithuania


Riga, Latvia

Budapest, Hungary


Helsinki, Finland


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Helsinki, Finland


Beirut, Lebanon


Seoul, South Korea


Tampere, Finland


Bratislava, Slovakia


Tallinn, Estonia

Riot Pixels

Moscow, Russia


Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland


Prague, Czech Republic


Nairobi, Kenya

Spring 2014

Awakening of Heroes


Chromosome Group

Dusk War

IroFit Tech





Rate My Speech







Fall 2013












Search Milkyway





Spring 2013









Rival Games






2010 - 2012

Active Paper

Active Paper makes interactive displays out of paper – without use of electronics or batteries!

Companies spend millions in trying to differentiate from competition, leave a permanent memory trace and build a reliable image. The Active Paper Technology provides a new dimension for differentiation! This is a novel platform for brand advertising to leave a permanent memory trace as well as a platform for well-being monitoring and other everyday diagnostics products.

The Active Paper Company will take this promising technology commercially available through first pilot cases and is seeking seed round funding in Fall 2012 – Spring 2013.


Beibamboo – innovative clothing made out of bamboo, especially designed for infants

Until now, no effort has been made to consider the substantial, un-necessary discomfort that babies (0-3 yrs) in hospital care can suffer from during dressing and changing, due to the ubiquitous use of IV-equipment (cannulas, tubes etc). The Beibamboo clothing range reduces baby’s stress and pain, allows parents direct involvement with caring for their child, eases the workload of hospital staff, and can ultimately reduce overall costs for governments, as babies’ recovery time can in theory be greatly reduced. (Tests are under way.) By selling directly at hospitals thru vending machines, the customer gets the needed items exactly where and when needed, at a time when there is no possibility to shop around or surf the internet.


The most advanced platform for creating music games and music applications for Os X and iOS.

With our unique and disruptive Music Theory Automation(MTA)-technology anyone can play and improvise so naturally that not even a music professional can tell if it is you or a skilled pianist – no playing skills required !

We are currently finalizing our first commercial products based on our Easy-Play platform with revolutionary new features. Stay tuned for music games and applications never seen before!


The music discovery service on your iPhone

Clerkd is the new way to discover and play music. It’s an iPhone App that introduces people to new music through 1.People/Tastemakers (Friends, Bands, Blogs, maybe even their Mum?), 2. What’s popular in their favourite musical regions and 3. An intelligent recommendation engine (He’s a robot named Clerk) that learns what music people like and when/why they like it so that it can recommend the best music for them whenever/wherever they are .It’s all about helping you find and play the right new music for you!


Entry level social media analytics tool for SMEs

EzyInsights makes social media analytics easy.

Social Media analytics is just too hard and too time consuming for businesses without data scientists.

EzyInsights solves this problem by being so easy to use that any business that utilises social media can get real results with the minimum effort. We reduce the complexity and save you time. We do this by guiding you through the process, aligning your social media activities with actual business goals, measuring what’s important for your business like ROI and engagement, and by actually analysing the data for you so we can make actionable recommendations – right in the system – that will help you improve your business goals!


Fount is a collaboration tool for data-driven businesses.

Fount brings all relevant business data, be it sales data, work hours, marketing campaign data or web analytics, to one place. Data can be easily analyzed, highlighted, annotated and commented. Discussions and problem-solving happen in the context of the business data instead of being lost in email threads and meetings.


The world’s first multi-screen optimised website builder for designers.

Internet usage on mobile phones will outgrow desktop Internet usage in 2013. But a shocking 98% of small business websites aren’t mobile friendly. What’s more, the problem extends further than mobile phone screens, also affecting tablets and TVs. Content should be enjoyable on all platforms equally. As it stands, conventional web building tools don’t provide the required flexibility to make this work because they’re template based. Unfortunately, hiring a developer and a designer can be expensive and time consuming. Froont is the solution:

1) allows users to build websites that work across multiple platforms and screens, like mobile phones, tablets and TVs;

2) creates one, responsive website that is fast, SEO-friendly and easy to maintain;

3) is built for designers, but the intuitive drag’n’drop user interface allows anybody to build and maintain websites without any coding skills.


An advertising network for gaming sites is an advertising network for gaming sites. We offer several ad formats and with our unique BackTraffic ad format website owners can monetize their bounce traffic. Our clients are mostly MMO browsergames.


Product Information Management Simplified.

GoodsMaster helps suppliers keep product information centralised making costly data discrepancies a thing of the past.  GoodsMaster ensures that the manufacturer, sales team, distributor, and retailer are always on the same page – at just the click of a button.


Ibisense is where a sensor meets the Internet

Gathering measurements from sensors is difficult. Our customers just want the data. Ibisense will make it easy to get sensor data to an Internet application by doing all the hairy sensor integrations. We will work closely with sensor manufacturers to guarantee that our customers do not need to pay any attention how the data is gathered: They just “get it” and build their applications using it.

Ibisense is currently piloting the platform with a number of customers and will hope to make its first revenue before the end of the year.

If you need sensor data or if you have sensors that you would like to make Internet compatible, please contact us!


A new e-mail experience

MailMill shows email like you’ve never seen it before. It understands the contents of your email, adds context, pictures, color and presents them as rich, colorful experiences, at the same time making them best reviewable, searchable and referenceable by a human.

We all have to deal with our inboxes and their contents. Lately spam filters are up to the task but an average 80% of total inbox content fall into categories like newsletters, deals, updates, notifications. We all want to know what’s in them either now or later. MailMill provides a novel, unique and best in class solution to the problem. MailMill is also a platform serving the sender as much as the receiver thereby enabling us to offer value added services to publishers.

MailMill has a very experienced team of accomplished industry thinkers and developers ready to successfully disrupt a market of long-standing problems and needs.


The drug discovery platform. is a combination of the following components:

– a comprehensive, carefully-curated database of commercially available small molecules,

– a scalable search, simulation and data-mining  platform specialized

for drug research, including components from commercial software

vendors like ChemAxon, BioSolveIT, open source components and in-house developments,

– a simple molecule procurement service.

Using our service, researchers from pharma and biotech companies can go through easily the virtual, computer-supported part of the drug discovery up to the stage where they finally order chemicals for the biological trials.

Oh My Stats!

Online marketing analytics tool for e-commerce

We offer a web-based app that changes the way e-commerce businesses analyze and manage their marketing budgets.

With Oh My Stats they can see customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value and return on investment for each marketing campaign they run.

Having this data at their fingertips allows our customers to make correct decisions about maximizing the outcome of their marketing.

Soo Meta

Soo Meta is mixed-media story sharing for bloggers and editorial teams.

Instead of reading text-based articles viewers expect visual stories. Soo Meta is a storytelling tool that helps editorial teams and bloggers create visually engaging stories in minutes based on information pieces from various web sources.

The company has built a successful video mixtape platform (started 2 years ago), with hundreds of thousands of downloaded apps and a massive user base.

TiGa Raman

Low-interference Raman spectroscopy

“Molecules are quantum mechanical oscillators. The selectivity or the ability to identify chemicals of the vibrational spectrum is based on the fact that each molecule has its characteristics spectrum, fingerprint, defined by the geometry, atomic masses and the bonds. Thus the vibrational spectrum of a molecule is an “universal” constant – for example H2O, CH4 etc. spectra are identical on Earth and in a distant galaxy. The intensity (photons (/sec  / spectral element) is the basis for the quantitative analysis, (g/liter of target analyte the sample contains). Analytical applications of vibrational spectroscopy had already a major role World War 2 engine fuel development – the vibrational spectra were collected with (slow, noisy and bulky) prism  Mid Infrared (MIR) monochromators. Since the absorption coefficients are high at MIR, the sampling is “painful and difficult”. Starting from 1970,  the demand for online process, low cost and portable instrumentation instrumentation resulted Near InfraRed (NIR) analysers which provide easy sampling and potential for use of fiberoptic probes allowing the physical separation of the instrument from the process. However, the information that NIR can provide is very restricted compared to MIR spectroscopy. Starting from 1990, Raman spectroscopy started to enter to the analytical instrumentation markets. Raman is an inelastic scattering process of photons from the molecules of the studied samples. Raman combines the high information content, of MIR, easy sample handling and potential for fiber optic sampling of NIR. In recent years, Raman has entered also to portable markets and the growth is high. Present applications of Raman include analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical industry material identification and quality control, military, homeland security, forensics, bioprocess monitoring, anything where we want to identify or measure concentrations of chemicals and the need for this ability is huge. The largest obstacle for the explosion of the Raman instrument markets, is the fact that Raman emission, being a weak phenomenon, is easily masked by fluorescent photons emitting from the sample when probed with the excitation laser. The fluorescence is a prohibiting problem in 90 % of the otherwise potential Raman applications. Our technology suppresses the fluorescence with a combination of a pulsed laser excitation and time gated detection, based on the fact that Raman response time is below 1 picoseconds whereas typical fluorescence lifetimes are few thousand picoseconds. The technology has potential to be applied in microscopy, process- and portable instruments”


Automated usecase testing platform for software development teams

Software companies fail to fulfill customer needs in time and budget. Team and customer can’t reach and keep agreements on features. Testing features from users’ perspective systematically is not feasible. For the first time we have everything needed for users’ perspective testing in one package, and it can be immediately taken into use.


A cross-promotion network for Windows Phone apps.

AdDuplex empowers developers to advertise their Windows Phone apps for free by helping each other. Developers create an ad for their app on the network, place a line of code into it and start promoting other apps. These other apps promote yours in return.


Superior color X-ray imaging camera

Advacam colour X-ray imaging camera enables inspection of composed materials that is not feasible with a conventional technology. Our camera adds value to the customer by improving the image quality significantly in terms of contrast and resolution. Most importantly the camera can provide sample material identification and its composition and display it as colours in the X-ray image


’7th Sense of Security’

Asqella Oy is a Finnish start-up company focussed on the research, development, manufacture and sales of passive submillimetre-wave video cameras. The company’s unique technology provides customers with a solution capable of far superior performance compared to other technologies at a competitive unit cost.


Zynga powered by learning languages

Major aspect of learning language is word knowledge. Learning vocabulary is boring so we want to make a change. Our solutions is directed to pupils at schools learning to exams from languages. With EduKoala students can play a game where they can learn vocabulary they pre created. As a result they can compete with classmates making learning to exam more fun and social.


GoalShouter is a crowdsourcing service that allows supporters and football teams, of any level, to collect and share stats. Users share not just stats, but the social experience as well, both during and after the game.

Data collection and passion sharing are made dead simple through an easy to use smartphone application.


Share to Win

Goodbuzz is a clever way of getting an event or product onto the grapevine of conversation while setting a maximum amount that one can afford to pay out. Results are guaranteed. Advertisers don’t pay, if they don’t get better marketing results.


“Any Fan, Any Fight, Anywhere in the World”

Fans of the Mixed Martial Arts all agree that there is a problem with judging.. and most of us think we could do a better job. iJudgeFights has teamed up with the world’s most experienced officials to build a place where you can prove it.

We are building a co-viewing network & mobile scoring platform that empowers the tech-savvy fans of the world’s fastest growing sport to add their voice in real-time, engage with insiders, judge fights & share opinions.

We are a new media startup with a unique platform-driven approach, giving people the opportunity to more deeply and socially engage with their favorite sports and entertainment properties.

Our flagship product, iJudgeFights, is due to launch in late summer of 2012 with a suite of mobile apps to follow.  We are currently accepting Beta testers for iJF Lite.

A super-simple app for making interactive infographics is a software company that makes a web-based data visualization applications for non-designers to create professionally designed infographics and visualizations in minutes. No programming or design skills needed. Tool is aimed at news portals, journalists, bloggers. Company claims to disrupt the way people work with visual information online.


Goodbye Rolodex

We know that your contacts are all over the place.Fragmented on different platforms…And different services…With inaccurate data.Don’t worry, the remedy is around the corner.

Jet Taxi

Tap & Go!

There’s a number of problems we face every time we need a taxi  –first of all, we have to make a phone call which is burdensome in itsown right, then we have to wait indefinitely, and during rush hour itmay turn to forever. And we don`t have info about who the driver is,or where he is. On the other hand taxi drivers experience problems too– they have to pay enormous fees for dispatch companies and have nomotivation to grow and provide better service.

JetTaxi is a mobile app that can solve all this problems by creating atransparent p2p market of taxi service. One handy app for Android,iOS, Windows Phone and HTML 5 suites both passengers and drivers. Theformer gain ability to choose driver according to distance, tariff,car model and rating, and watch him on the map, the latter – versatiletool for getting and handling jobs for a much smaller fee.

Kiitos Tech

Kiitos Technologies makes online videos interactive.

We create an overlay to all major online video platforms, with which you can click on any object on any video and interact with it. For example, you can click on a purse in a fashion video and buy it on the spot, or comment on Ryan Gosling in a movie trailer and share it with your friends. Consumers are also able to request for items they would like to identify, and other users are able to fill these directly in the video. For video owners, we allow adding interaction post-publishing, and splitting the tagging tasks within a group or crowd.


Automated optimization for gaming companies

Identifies the most valuable customers from engagement, viral and revenue aspects for gaming companies. We can predict when and why they are about to leave or reduce engagement, and give recommendations how that can be improved.

MNE Creations

the Pixar of mobile educational games

MNE Creations develops innovative, educational games for smartphones and tablets.  With a focus on creating fun experiences for players worldwide, ages 12 and up, MNE Creations blends Eastern and Western influences into its games. Based in Shanghai, the company was founded in October 2011 by passionate gamers that want to make learning fun and accessible to all.


Monsavile is a simple and flexible platform for producers and brand owners to enter mass customization business

Developing e‐commerce platform, to provide simple and flexible sales‐tool for producers and brands of clothing, to bring tailor-­like service on-­line.  Lot of apparel producers have capabilities to produce individual, customized clothing, and they are eager to provide this service to they customers. Monsavile platform brings this service on-line.


Newergy predicts short-term solar energy production and reshapes energy markets by providing optimization information to energy value chain actors.

Newergy provides very accurate forecasting information for energy trading and energy efficiency systems. Our short-term forecast of renewable energy production, primarily solar, is valid through out the world. We have been initiating our operations in Europe but soon enough our solutions will cover the whole globe. The information we provide equips you with updated knowledge about your needed future actions even on hourly basis. We are pleased to provide you more accurate information and details about our products on request.

Nordic Hug

NordicHug develops disinfection solutions for modern touch screen phones and tablets

Phones and tablets have millions of bacteria on them. It has been scientifically proven that some of these bacteria are very toxic to humans and could cause serious infections. However, currently there is no practical solution to disinfect modern touch screen phones and tablets that have special finger print repellant coating.

NordicHug has developed an innovative and effective disinfection formula that kills dangerous bacteria and is safe for the devices.

Our invention is of especial importance for hospitals. In US alone, there are roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections, which cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.

We are joining the fight against these infections by developing disinfection solutions based on our formula, which would drastically decrease the risks of carrying and spreading dangerous bacteria through phones and tablets of hospital personnel, patients and visitors.


Make events digital with the best SaaS platform for hosts and attendees of business events

Main problems of hosts and attendees of business events are poor communication and interactivity between all parties of the event (attendees, speakers, host), no mobile access to the content of events, no unified solution to manage the content of events for hosts. So Omyconf has been developing an end-to-end event management and social platform which aims to drastically increase effectiveness of events by usage of the latest tools of Web 2.0, Mobile and Social media.For event planners it is a cost effective and time-saving tool combining functions of CMS, analytics and promotion of events.For Attendees it is a global event calendar, best available tool for networking and interaction, for working with the content of events and keeping history of personal activity on attended events. The service is available from any device in all interfaces, at any time.The present version of our product is in Beta-testing mode. In April 2012 we are launching a new version for public testing (much more range of functionality for both event planners and attendees). For more detailed information please visit our website or contact us


Presefy is a revolutionary way to control your presentation using your smartphone!

Using HTML5, our solution is unique because it works universally with all hardware and it doesn’t require any installations or additional devices. Presefy transforms your smartphone into a universal presentation tool so that you can present effortlessly anywhere anytime!


Wishop Live Wishes: from idea to purchase.

Wishop is a wishlist application and response advertising solution allowing merchants to easily reach audience in social networks networks through showing their adds in response to wishes expressed. Such response model translates into highly qualified leads and nearly absolute targeting, since ads are only shown to people who have openly shown their interest in item/service advertised. The wishlist application itself is a fun thing featuring sharing and commenting, ranks and game mechanisms. Wishop is a social commerce and online services project, uniting the two into a system providing value to all parties involved.


From On-Court Battles to Social and Memorable Learning

Zennis will revolutionize the amateur tennis playing experience. We provide an affordable solution for tracking and recording the movement of the ball and the players during a tennis match, which enables us to gather a huge amount of  interesting match data and statistics. The data is uploaded into a social media platform, where players can analyze their performance in detail to follow their development and identify areas they need to work on in their game. They can also share the data with their fellow players and friends in an online sports community. Our solution also functions as an automatic referee and score keeper during the match.


AppScale is an API Translator.

It allows an application to use API of one social network and port it automatically to other social sites. Thus, app developers can publish their products on multiple networks at once: in a matter of minutes, with no upfront costs or added risk


Cloud storage for storing online data recycling and entertainment.

Besanhe’s key idea is to revolutionize data recycling market. We offer massive content discovery site (digital landfill) for recycled goods, such as, pictures and videos that can be also shared on social networks. For premium customers we offer cloud space for private recycling and storage where to also find accidentally deleted files.

Recycled data does not stink.


We’ve created a service that offers an easy, fast and media rich updating service for any blog or web page. Users can easily update web pages anywhere on the Internet.


We provide an identification platform that allows web-services to check users’government ID’s while reducings costs of user verification. is a platform which allows users to combine photographs in a scene and publish it in a 3D environment. The main goal is to create the biggest geotagged photographic database.

The idea is simple: scenes, made with nearby photographs, will be connected to each other and in the end, converted in full 3D world model, which will be constantly updated by new photographs. The most important thing in this project is that,  the whole thing will be made by users. 

Currently, team is working on mobile application, which will automatically set and geotagt photographs in 3D environment. Also, we are making dynamic level layouts 3D point & click adventure games, based on scenes and stories made by users.In a few months we are going to launch a huge location based game project, which combine virtual fun with a real life.


S&P for food

We provide a crowdsourced guide and a mobile application that enable users to evaluate quality of food products in terms of food additives at a glance.

It features scientific information about what effects common food additives have on human health and depicts it in a visual non-scientific fashion.


Qminder is providing a queue management system – SaaS. Web based interface for businesses and a smartphone app for the end user.


Tellyo connects friends around TV.

In practice, it is a dongle attached to phone’s audio connector and an application that turns the phone into a personal remote controller that works with existing TVs.

Tellyo encourages spontaneous social interaction between TV viewers, it knows more than what is on TV and complements TV advertising with previously internet only selling points such as interaction, targeting and effectiveness measurement.

Lokus Digital

Lokus Digital creates mobile games that use augmented reality and multiplayability for greater immersion and challenge. Our games combine global and local gameplay in a unique way.


Our first game is a global scale wargame called Endgame. On the global theater you can freely zoom in on any part of the globe or engage targets where you are – using your phone as a weapon.


Maxygen introduces a brand new technology that allows detecting any infectious disease on the very early stage – all this near the patient! The procedure takes only 10 minutes and costs as little as $10.

Their mobile DNA testing device combines ease of operation with low cost and convenience of disposable cartridges.

Mobile Brain Bank

Mobile Brain Bank’s online service allows companies in any industry, from anywhere in the world, to post their mobile application development needs online as Projects.

Developers from Mobile Brain Bank’s global network are then able to submit bids for the opportunity to be selected as the most qualified developer to carry out Project implementation.

Osklad is an easy to use web service, which allows business partners to establish electronic data exchange with each other.

Service allows:

  • to exchange purchase orders on-line,
  • to gather information about stock states,
  • to find out the information about partners’ stock (if they allow),
  • easy upload or download the information from/to ERP system


Wavesum is a PRI spin-off, specializing in signal processing and musiccontent analysis technology. We aim to transform the media production-,gaming- and education industries, whether it means allowing new degree ofartistic freedom, saving time or driving better content.


Yodiz makes teams better organized, engaged and productive.Yodiz is a unified platform for project development life-cycle, from planning to management, issue tracking to quality assurance and from automated systems to team discussions. With Yodiz we bring revolution to enterprises, through instant engagement, quick information sharing and harmonious user experience across all the levels of organization.

Executive management gets benefit with real-time reports, project managers track progress with ease and developers enjoy productivity with engaging experience and hard core automated systems, all at single point – Yodiz.


Zonear is building a system called BOILERBUILD.

It builds, optimizes and deploys HTML5 apps with ease. Website optimization is something every web developer needs to do. However, this can be a time-consuming and error-prone process if and when deployed manually.BoilerBuild enables developers to remotely test, build, optimize and deploy their HTML5 apps with just one click!


Campalyst provides social media analytics software that measures whether Facebook presence helps brands sell. The software measures the full conversion funnel from status update on Facebook to the purchase on advertiser’s website, and thereby helps brands and agencies to optimize social media campaigns not for the number of fans or likes, but for online revenues and conversions.

Double Defense

Ever wonder if a package that you have received in the mail had been tampered with? How do you know if the package has not been opened or dropped? Double Defense can determine if your box has been meddled with. It is said to be 100% accurate, easy, cheap, and the best part is that it is a simple sticker.

This high tech sticker knows exactly what your package has gone through during its journey. It relies on optic technology and it’s impossible to forge


Today, information about mutual funds is presented as is if anyone was a finance professional. But most of us are not finance professionals – but we need to use that information to invest in mutual funds. This results in that most of us make poor choices.

Fund Friends make apps and services that give our users control and overview over mutual funds. They do this with interactive and fun images that are useful and easy to understand.

Fund Friends is based at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. In the team we combine deep competence in finance with competence in the latest game technology.


Ever feel over-loaded by information? Ever feel like you spend all your time going back to the same old websites? Ever wanted to get out of the echo-chamber that your social services have become? Ever had a couple minutes to spend online and just stared at the screen unable to find something new?

We did too, and decided to build a service to help. We want to provide an enjoyable way to get you off the same well-worn paths and explore the depth and beauty of the internet. We want to be your personal and predictive interface to the information that flows around you.

Futureful is building a predictive discovery engine.Part toy, part tool. Our mission is to empower users to discover the future through a personal filter to the web… and beyond.


Hakema booking button enables instant appointments on online classifieds. Using our plug-n-play cloud service on their sites, classified providers can increase their revenue from the listings. The button is easier to integrate than “Facebook Comment” and it helps both sellers and buyers to save time and avoid hassle. Sellers can simply set their availability and stop worrying about buyers not able to reach them. They can also analyze prospective buyers and their visits.

Mighty Fingers

One code for all – thats what we stand for. We are developing an environment where you can create real time multiplayer games using awesome new technologies such as HTML5. To play games you don’t need to install anything, just open a web page and play with your friends anywhere on the globe.


The solu application brings lists and tables to mobile messaging. For registered users the web site offers templates and a forum to share information in list format. The solu team consists of freelancers and hang around members from all over the world. Please join us taking the messaging to a new level. The founder has 12 years of background in finance. His solution for sending stock market prices to mobile phones have been used by Scandinavia’s largest bank since 1998.


Fluorescent Nanoscopy is a breakthrough technology for optical microscopy suited for live cell imaging with tens times enhanced resolution. It helps develop new drugs and materials, achieve breakthrough results in fundamental research and to improve clinical and QA tests. This can be done by both increasing resolution in cell research and increasing data density on surfaces of microarrays. The technology has a strong IP protection and gives an opportunity to create new markets.

Stereonic LLC is dedicated to development and marketing of the Fluorescent Nanoscopy technology – a technology for optical microscopy suited for 3D color live cell imaging with resolution down to 2nm. We develop devices and protocols tuned for basic research, pharma development, diagnostics, quality assurance, materials design and other tasks. Our key products are devices, supplies, licenses for the core technology to adjacent markets and licenses for components (illumination and detection subsystems) as well as research outsourcing.


SunyRide is Rideshare to Events with Friends service. It means here you can find people who are not only going to the same event but even sharing the same interests. It’s not a carpooling site. It’s a partypooling place! From now there won’t be anymore situations when you’re going to rock concert with bunch of barbies or share a same car with geeks when going to baseball game. Now it’s time for you to be the one who orders the music!

We at SunyRide have been tired of Apple vs PC battles. Donkeys vs Elephants disputes. Heat vs Mavericks fights and East-coast / West-coast strives. That’s why we developed a place where you can easily create your own party car or even a bus. And start celebrating your teams victory in tonight’s game (there’s no doubt they will), practice your favorite bands lyrics while heading to the gig or rate your college hottest chicks on the way to party.


A personal collaboration tool that will solve all your todo and task management problems.

Twenty One Toys

Twenty One Toys creates toys and workshops that teach 21st-century skills like – empathy, failure, creative dialogue and collaboration. We believe toys can do serious things, and that they are underused tools in the classroom, the boardroom, and beyond. Our guiding principle is that play is a unique medium to foster abstract thinking, advance difficult conversations, honour diversity, and encourage positive risk-taking.

Already in over 300 schools, our first toy, the Empathy Toy, has broken ground and proven that toys can teach the soft skills that textbooks can’t. The toy has been featured in the Huffington Post, Fast Company, Ashoka and TEDx, twice. See the story here.


Verifying your check-ins on location-based services

We believe we are perfectly positioned to seize this massive market opportunity and become a leading context provider for truly location-aware apps. Maps are not always a necessary element of a location context. In fact, when directions are not needed, maps can unnecessarily complicate an otherwise smooth user experience. This is why our context is tied to places, not to geo-coordinates.

Recently we completed the the first version of our location API and plugin for Android. Since the beginning of June we have been in San Francisco, meeting with many location app companies operating on the Android platform. Our plan is to sign a few more launch partners prior our public launch later this year. We are still open to add more, so feel free to contact us at info at walkbase dot com for more information.


Ovelin is a edu-tech company based in Helsinki, dedicated to change the way how people learn to play a musical instrument. Ovelin aims to combine the addictive features of computer games and guitar exercises. Founded in the end of 2010 by two guitar dropouts, Ovelin currently has 3 products (September 2013).

Bear in mind, that this description is a bit outdated!

WildChords is an iPad game for complete beginners (7+ years) to learn to play guitar fast and easy for free. Teaches basics of guitar, tuning, chords and melodies. #1 music app in 34 countries and winner of over 25 awards. 130k users to date.

GuitarBots is the continuation of WildChords. With the game for beginners and advanced players (12+ years), you can learn guitar online, but lets you also play real songs, rhythms, guitar riffs etc. Currently on browser, and mobile versions coming soon. About 120k users to date.

GuitarTuna is the most popular guitar tuner app on Android and iOS. The best free tool for easy, accurate guitar tuning that works in noisy surroundings. 1.5M users, 10-15k downloads daily.

Ovelin currently employs 15 people in Helsinki, Tampere and San Francisco. The company won several awards and prizes, including being named the #1 hottest startup in Finland 2012 (WIRED), Best European Learning game, iPad game of the year (Tilt TV), and winner of the Best Technology Award at Launch-Edu 2013.


Ajelo has developed a pioneering solution for the above mentioned urban transportation problem: a software product and a transport concept which enables new kind of urban travel services for demand responsive transport.

Ajelo software calculates vehicle routes in real-time, enabling maximum vehicle utility rates, short travel times and last minute trip ordering. Unlike existing solutions, Ajelo product is dynamic and fully automated.

Cohousing Suomi

Power to the people in construction! Let the people come first, then the house after that.


Dealmachine is a fun way to manage your sales and get things done.


A professional dental network for sharing and teaching


Recommends interesting activities to do and finds people near you.


Physical activity information should come to people. Not vice versa.

After some serious R&D we are about to launch the service, which will shake the foundations of social media. Stay tuned.


Organize information from your social networks around your life experiences. is a service focused on the hotel industry – a unique direct marketing tool that hotels can use to identify potential guests in real time and communicate with them one-to-one. We know that excellent hospitality is the key to success in the hotel business and we enable that hospitality to start even before the consumer has booked. enables hotels to send potential guests a greeting, perhaps some advice about the city, as well as a targeted offer that can fill a hotel room without going through a booking agency. is pioneering real-time text mining and filtering for social media such as Twitter. With 200 million tweets being sent daily, clearly most businesses have no chance of identifying marketing opportunities among the deluge of information on Twitter. The complex algorithms we have developed enable us to filter this stream and produce a neatly packaged and manageable number of tweets from consumers specifically expressing an interest in traveling to a specific city. Hotels can communicate immediately using the interface.


Rework Station Manufacturing construction that can be used by non-professionals.

Titan BGA Project has started to establish a manufacture of rework station for repairing electronics in repairing companies.The team worked hard to develop a featured equipment for real-working specialists. They have tested the  Titan BGA prototype i repairing of 1 000 laptops.


Tribe Studios Ltd. is a Finnish game startup. We work exclusively to develop Stagecraft, which is a service offering short multiplayer games where users interact with each other to create stories.

Aalto Brain Company

Aalto Brain VISION Aalto Brain aims to help kids use their brain to its maximum potential while having fun. Additionally, we intend to alleviate specific learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and autism.

Aalto Brain MISSION

Aalto Brain intends to develop smart games providing fun and social interaction while exercing specific cognitive functions.

Aalto Brain VALUE PROPOSAL Our software will strengthen transferable skills and knowledge that will maximise learning abilities for children.

Asema Electronics

Asema E is an easy to use electricity saver that intelligently controls lights and appliances in your home. It is a small computer that has been designed to help you live in your home is a more comfortable and environmentally friendly way.


AudioDraft arranges crowdsourced sound design contests that attract thousands of talented sound designers. With AudioDraft, companies have access to a community of motivated and highly skilled designers, ready to compete with their audio work for monetary prizes, acclaim and visibility. AudioDraft was founded by a team of music producers and enthusiasts. The project was launched in 2009 at Finland’s multidisciplinary Aalto University. AudioDraft was founded as a company in the spring of 2010, and the public beta of the service was unveiled in July of the same year. AudioDraft is one of the winners of the business competition Venture Cup 2010 and took part in Aalto Venture Garage’s BootCamp program. AudioDraft has been featured in international technology and business publications such as Reuters, Venture Beat and Springwise. AudioDraft is funded by a group of experienced Finnish angel investors.


A social network for people

Barisma is the place for people to share information about bars, nightclubs and cafes and meet new people who go out and have similar interests. The best examples are the customers in venues and workers, managers or agencies in the industry who can now stay connected online and soon on mobile.

A search engine for venues

Barisma helps people find bars, nightclubs and cafes with basic and advanced searching tools. It is designed to become the fastest and the most reliable search engine for the industry in the world. The goal is to maximize exposure online with over 500 professional keywords and offline with events.


The next billion people to get online will be using a mobile device. We designed Blaast for them.

Most people aren’t connected to the Internet today but when they do finally get online, they’ll use a mobile phone. These people will use their mobile phone to connect, learn and play.

Right now though, smart phones are just too expensive for emerging markets. That’s where Blaast comes in: we’re bringing mobile apps and a smartphone user experience to the next billion people.

Blaast is accessible and affordable with absolutely no compromises. Inside Blaast you’ll find the friends, fun and freedom of the Internet packaged up in bite-sized apps.


Lost and Found service


Kassi makes it easier to sell, buy and lend stuff, do favors, organize car pooling and in general to exchange day-to-day resources within a local community. Kassi users can offer each other items, favors, rides and housing and also request all these from other users.

Kassi aims to create a local item and service directory for each community and thus decrease the need for members to buy goods and services outside the community. Thus, use of the service saves both your time and money, and saves the planet at the same time. It is also a great way to meet new people in your neighborhood.


The first ever real Japanese – English and Chinese – English dictionaries to smartphones.


MAKUMAKU is an internet service enabling people to buy their food products directly from local producers, knowing the origins of the food, as well as their health and environmental impact

Relationship Games

RelationshipGames is the worls’d first social reality game for couples in Facebook. RelationshipGames brings extra spice and sparkle into relationship and brings couples closer together through fun real life gameplay. The game is designed for loving couples to play together. RelationshipGames uses internet and mobile technologies to strengthen the bond between spouses by encouraging them to interact more with each other.

Relationship Games Ltd is a company founded in 2010, which develops and produces RelationshipGames. RelationshipGames is developed in co-operation with East Interactive Oy.


Finding interesting online shops can be frustrating sometimes. We created Shobble to help keep up with your favourite shops, find new ones and get information about them. With Shobble we want to make online shopping as easy as possible with the help of other online shoppers.

How does it work?

You can browse shops, comments and discounts at Shobble. After logging in you can collect your favourite shops on to one page, post your own comments, reply to other’s comments and even add your own favourite online shops. When logging in with Facebook, you can easily post your comments to Facebook and see favourite shops added by your friends.


Videolla is a unique independent distributed marketplace for video. Our platform connects thousands of indie video producers, bloggers, advertisers and viewers to help them make video production and distribution sustainable and fair business.