3 Essential Branding Tips for Startups

This is a guest post by Janni Valkealahti. Defining your company’s character and the aimed brand image is more important for the company’s success than you might think in the… read more »


Startup Sauna’s spring ‘16 tour in numbers – see what’s hot in your region and what we should improve

Startup Sauna’s Demo Day being just around the corner, it’s time to reflect on the past five months and see what’s happening in the Nordics, Eastern Europe, and Russia’s startup… read more »


Week 2 of Startup Sauna from Martins Vaivars, co-founder of Toneboard

Hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since Toneboard (Vladimirs and myself) arrived at Helsinki to take part in Startup Sauna accelerator program as part of the… read more »


700 applications, a mere 2% acceptance rate – meet our spring ‘16 batch

At Startup Sauna, we travel the extra mile, get out on the field and do the legwork to find those exceptional, brilliant startups. -Panu Paljakka, CEO of Startup Sauna Traveling… read more »


What you need to know about Silicon Valley – 5 things you can learn in California as a startup founder

The best way to wrap up the past year, is to pack the plane with top notch Sauna teams from our most recent batches and head under the California sun.… read more »


Startup Sauna teams up with Superhero Capital – €100k up for grabs for a startup in our next batch

”Come as you are; the underdog, the John Doe, the diamond in the rough – as long as you have the will to change the world and skill to find… read more »


Apply to our spring ’16 local events tour!

Hey folks! We are back in business. And by business, we mean we’ve worked day and night putting together the biggest local events tour we’ve made in Sauna’s living memory.… read more »

Blog post 1 snow work v2

There’s a new team in town – see us rockin’

Dear Fellow Startup Sauna Comrades, Coaches, Alumni & Investors, There’s no better way to start a new year than drastic reformation. On January 1st, the world’s hottest startup accelerator (it’s… read more »


Want to be a successful startup? Focus on internal communication, now!

This is a guest post by Leeni Harmainen. “Companies are built on communication. It’s not a company without it — just a bunch of people bumping into each other.” –… read more »


Dear Santa, this is what our startup wants for Christmas

With the holiday season just around the corner, people will be flooding shopping malls and supermarkets to buy gifts for family and friends. What they often forget is to buy gifts… read more »

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