Startup Sauna’s 10th call for great startups

We have just begun accepting applications for their 10th consecutive batch of startups. The Fall ’14 program, starting in mid-October, welcomes the 20 most promising teams from all over the… read more »

Head coach post: growing the startup ambition to a new level

While the spring batch is just gearing up and the new Sauna teams are getting settled to our Startup Sauna premises in Helsinki/Espoo, it is time to remind everyone why… read more »

Introducing the Spring ’14 batch!

The heat is back on at Startup Sauna! We had an intense month of touring the Nordics, Eastern Europe and Russia in 20 different cities to meet the local startups.… read more »

Five grueling weeks at Startup Sauna, documented by BuzzTale

On a dreary autumn day, the BuzzTale team arrived in Finland, to find the excitement and activity we have come to expect from Startup Sauna. Juuso and Juho were there… read more »

Open position: Technical Customer Support Engineer at ThingLink

ThingLink is an easy-to-use platform for creating interactive images. Our products are being used by small and large companies alike, all across the globe; from teachers in Australia to Fortune-50… read more »


Fall ’13 batch has started!

Startup Sauna is something very simple and beautiful – we connect great startups with people who can truly help them forward. In September we toured around Nordics, Baltics, Russia and… read more »

Open position: Software Developer at Mendor

About Mendor Mendor is a diabetes technology company from Espoo, Finland. Our products include an innovative blood glucose meter and cloud-based glucose data analysis software. We are selling our products… read more »

Internship Impact

What was the next best thing to do, if you weren’t ready to set up your own company? Go and join some existing, ambitious startup and learn like never before.… read more »

Startup Sauna Internship powering the future of payments

Meet Oscar, one of the first Startup Sauna interns of this summer. He might not represent the most typical startup profile: he had just graduated from University of Helsinki faculty… read more »

Arttu shaping the future of banking at Holvi

Holvi is all about the future of banking — a future where things are done together and where you can concentrate on your passion. Holvi is a traditional bank in… read more »

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