A Collaboration Tool to Stay

Enough with slacks, asanas and trellos.

The problem with the above-mentioned tools is that most of the teams like the ones at Startup Sauna are forced to use 2 to 3 of them simultaneously.

Yeah, we know the these platforms are dominating the market and it might feel like there’s no space to left in this market for startups. However, the truth is that there is still a long way to go.

There is a different solution to manage communications and related work issues, clearly and naturally. Enter Collabee.

Reinventing the Korean Dream

Evan, one of the founders, was working at Naver (Korean Google) analysing flaws in internal communication channels. He quickly noticed that when teams try to address various work issues the communication is so fragmented that it easily takes a few hours to track them.

He reached out to Ryan, the best system architect he knew, a guy who has been building complex architectures for companies such as Samsung and LG. Together they built the backbone of Collabee.

Finally, to make this reality they asked Youhan to join the team. Youhan worked at PwC auditing and implementing ERP systems for global companies.

Yeah, we know what you thinking. We’re throwing around big company names and padding their resumes, but there’s a point to this. What these guys did goes opposite to the so-called “Korean dream” of working at the large enterprises. They left their cushy jobs that most people would kill to land and went to solve a problem that plagued each of them on a daily basis.

This is the motivation that we want to see in founders.

More About the Product

Currently, in the US alone there are over 60 million knowledge workers, still struggling with legacy email and groupware solutions to manage work issues. There is still no tool in the market that focuses solely on addressing work issues and allow teams to follow the natural progression of collaborating on these issues from start to finish.

Collabee is a collaboration tool for teams that organises all of the their communication and workflow by each work issue so that they can be completed from start to finish, like you would in person.

This is done by keeping the discussions focused on each work issue and connecting all related tasks, files, events and files together so their history can be followed from one easy-to-manage screen.

Collabee is currently available as a desktop application and mobile app (IOS and Android). A new mobile app (react native) will be launched in November 2017 and the full production version will be available by the 1st quarter of 2018, with Email, Google calendar, Dropbox, Github integrations and more.


Freebies Up for Grabs

Collabee is in beta so anyone can check out collabee for free by signing up on their website, but during their remaining month in Finland they are looking to meet with as many startups as possible to get feedback on their pain points. They will offer a 6-month free subscription to their premium plan for any teams that meet with them.

Interested teams can contact Collabee at yhlee@collab.ee