We chose the Next Big Things – Startup Sauna batch spring ’17

It’s great to see everyone excited about innovations. Innovation weeks, solutions, companies, summits – world is bursting with something that essentially means “a new idea.” But to come up with a real innovation is incredibly hard and to move from being innovative to be commercially sustainable is even harder.

This is why, an accelerator comes in handy.

Our program is tough and short. The startups we select need to have a team that is ready to jump headfirst into a lot of work, with high motivation for rapid growth and change. To sum up, we help companies either to succeed faster or move on to the next idea.

Therefore, we feel the need to give our applicants a taste of what the program will look like before they make their decision. Our roadshow plays a large part in preparing and selecting teams that we take into our program, and this is what it looks like.

  • ‍We traveled to 16 countries;
  • Organized and attended 22 events;
  • Coached 120 startups 1-on-1;
  • Listened to 300+ pitches;

And after all of this, we selected the teams that according to our selection panel would benefit the most from our program.

Welcome to the Sauna, spring ’17 batch!

Atmo, Budapest

CrocoDie, Moscow

Emergence, Helsinki

Exponenta, Minsk

Fansy Inc., Minsk

Hackmotion, Riga

M-Lesson, Nairobi

Panzerdog, Kaliningrad

ReHaptix, Zurich

TenX, Singapore

Totem, Helsinki

Trellius, Tomsk

VimAI, Helsinki

Work Ahead, Helsinki


Startup Sauna spring ’17 batch starts 2nd of May and ends at our Demo Day at Startup Sauna, 16th of June.