Our fall 2015 local event statistics

To gather our current batch of 14 teams, we toured 14 cities and read 530 applications. Below you’ll find an infographic depicting statistics from our fall 2015 local events tour!

Compared to our spring ’15 tour some of the numbers have dropped significantly. The reason is simply that we toured 4 cities less this fall than in the spring. This is why for example the number of total applications and 1on1 coaching sessions have taken hits. The percentage of startups with female founders falling from 27,3% to 22,7% is trickier to explain, requiring more throughout examination.

The kinds of startups we met were very different from the spring tour, with the amounts of Fintech, marketplace, social and travel/transportation startups growing significantly. Also we faced an interesting phenomenon of ad and marketing tech startups jumping into a category of its own from the “other” category with a significant 5% share. Food startups did the same with almost 3% share. Other categories hovered around the same proportion of overall applications.

Again, we saw proportionally more applications from startups serving consumers (B2C) than businesses (B2B), but the proportion of startups that operated with hybrid business models saw an uptick from around 8% to almost 14%.

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This infographic was made with Infogram, who are also our graduates!