Nasty weather and 14 badass startups – meet the Fall ’17 batch

The weather is nasty, it’s dark at 5 PM and people on the streets are showing signs of seasonal depression. Clear indicators that Helsinki is getting ready for Slush…and we’re ready to start our next batch – Fall 2017.

We just came back from our bi-annual trip to London and Berlin, where we meet our investor friends with our latest batch. The consensus was that our teams are very intriguing – risky, disruptive and experienced. At first glance, one would think there is no unifying factor between the teams we select, but that is not the case.

We select our batch by considering 3 factors main factors

Firstly, we look at the stage the company is at. Since we focus on accelerating the business side of tech startups, almost all companies at the same stage, independent of verticals, suffer from the same pains as any other. Having companies from different verticals and backgrounds, but at the same point in time creates an impeccable platform for knowledge sharing and collective growth.

After 10 years of growing and iterating our model, we noticed that we can provide the most value to teams that are between 6 months pre-product launch and 3 months post-product launch.

Secondly, we select companies that are coachable. Not just coachable, but startups that have a proven track-record of being able to pivot and validate new hypothesis at a rapid pace. Fail (learn) fast and pivot.

And finally, we look for companies that have a team and vision for global growth. Here we take the biggest risk. We often pick companies from just emerging fields or with truly moonshot ideas – as long as we feel that our coach pool can actually help them in world domination.

After 10 years of growing and iterating our model, we noticed that we can provide the most value to teams

Check out who will be joining our Fall 2017 batch, that culminates at the Startup Station stage at Slush on Nov 30th:


AdLaunch, Helsinki, Finland

An online video service that makes creating business video content effortless and affordable.

Avanto, Espoo, Finland
Functional, wireless infrared heating solutions for clothing.

BeWarned, Kiev, Ukraine

An app that enables a quick and secure communication between a hearing impaired person and a hearing person everywhere where the hearing impaired receive public or private services.  

BrightCharger, Jyväskylä, Finland

A platform technology for measuring, monitoring and managing charging process better than anybody else., Seoul, South Korea

A platform for team communication and workflow – organised together.

Frank, Tallinn, Estonia

App where people can see which companies want to hire them at a higher salary.

Hefio, Helsinki, Finland

Headphones that deliver individually optimized sound.

Leap, Moscow, Russia

Track snowboard tricks and analytics.

Mappointer, London, United Kingdom

Automated locator engine provides specific product availability and where-to-buy insight.

Polka Dot Studio, Helsinki, Finland

Gaming studio with a seasoned game developer crew, creating games for the young female demographic.

Silvere, Helsinki, Finland

Precisely measure a forest’s value is down to a single tree. Every single tree is clickable and attached with an individual growth projection, 3D visualization, and evaluation from today and into the future.

Stronghold, Kyiv, Ukraine

Compliance assessment for your ad-tech platforms with just a few clicks.

Yelloh, Zurich, Switzerland

Video online survey tool to help designers, marketers, and researchers conduct qualitative research in quickest, easiest and most affordable way possible.

2MEU Inc, Seoul, South Korea

An Innovative Dubbing Platform Multilingual Speaking Acquisition.