Making Forestry Perfect

It’s time for you to find out a bit more about every team in our program. We’ve been spending every day with these 14 teams and i guess it’s time to stop being selfish and share them with you also.

Meet Silvere, a team that is “Making Forestry Perfect”.

From making an easy buck to solving a global issue

Jukka was about to buy some forest (of which there is a redneck truckload in Finland) as an investment. During the vetting process of his potential investment he found out that the companies that value your forest can be up to 50% inaccurate. This is a pretty crazy error margin, especially when forest investment can be valued in millions of squirrel skins.

He turned away from this investment and decided to take up the challenge of solving this inaccuracy in valuing forests, and more.

Now he has a team of world class talent in forest valuing and measurement, and the most accurate forest valuation system in the world.

What do they actually do…

Silvere is actually a full forest management plan. They can measure a forest down to a millimeter with LiDAR, and other remote sensing technologies. With their proprietary artificial intelligence they can even even tell you the species, height, width, and value of every single tree – now and in the future.

With this data Silvere crafts forest management strategies for forest owners to help them maximise the potential of their forest.

Funnily enough, this high tech and precise solution will cost the forest owners as much as the current, inaccurate solution.

So what does the future look like…

Silvere is fully funded for the near future from internal sources and in the process of expanding their team to fully optimise their launch at the beginning of 2018.

Their product is scalable for all forest types around the world and their journey to change the forest industry is taking speed.

Meet Silvere at our Demo Day and booths at Slush.