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A free interactive online workshop for b2c startups who want to make good marketing materials but who might not have the time, skills or budget to do it. Tik Tok could be the right tool for you!

During the workshop we will get familiar with TikTok as a free marketing tool. We’ll go through how to use the platform, what to publish on the platform, and how to efficiently promote yourself or your company on the platform without a penny in your marketing budget.

Let’s go through the basic steps and create our first pieces of content, so we can get back in a week after the workshop to go through what worked, what might’ve not, and how to improve from there!

Our coach, Kalle Lahtinen, known as SirLahtinen on Tiktok, has gained a large, loyal following by creating content around the Finnish language; be it about interesting etymological trivia or about using the language in a more correct and nuanced manner. Kalle has been steadily growing his audience for the past year in his own niche, and with the help of shared knowledge among the largest Finnish content creators on the platform, he is ready to share all that he has learned about attracting an audience.

If you have a startup, why should you participate to this workshop:

Video has proved, time and time again, to be taking most out of our attention span when browsing around the internet and especially social media

Knowing how to work around various video-producing platforms (especially on mobile i.e. Tiktok) and how to produce marketable content to further boost the awareness and sales of a company is quintessential for any company, let alone a startup with a minimal marketing budget in 2021.

Most companies seem to do the above mentioned infiltration very very wrong, and a wrong entrance to e.g a social media platform could prove to be next to useless, or flat-out harmful for the company

For these reasons, the workshop on how & what to produce and where to publish the productions would prove to be useful.

Make the most out of your marketing budget by reaching an audience organically with Tik Tok!

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