Dear Santa, this is what our startup wants for Christmas

With the holiday season just around the corner, people will be flooding shopping malls and supermarkets to buy gifts for family and friends. What they often forget is to buy gifts for their beloved company. We put together Startup Sauna’s Christmas List of products and services to make your entrepreneurial life easier at the start of a fresh, new year.

Sales people

  • Leadfeeder – a dead simple tool that shows you which companies visit your website, and what they do there (and who’s been naughty or nice!). Just connect the tool to your Google Analytics, and you will start receiving hot leads to your email or straight to your CRM.
  • Liid – a mobile app that saves your sales people’s valuable time. The app automatically logs all your sales activity into any cloud-based CRM, unlike most competition who only focus on Salesforce. Loved by the always efficient Mrs. Claus.


  • – makes your IT projects predictably and easy. Your project managers will be able to save time and money by making smarter decisions and by actually knowing what’s happening now and in the future. Used by elves to keep sure gifts are made on time.
  • Uploadcare – build your file infrastructure in hours, not months, reducing time to market and IT costs. The end-to-end tool handles file uploading, storing, processing and delivery. Great for software development during gift-coding season.


  • Rephop – make your CFO’s and accountants’ lives more enjoyable. With Rephop, accountants and CFOs can save up to 75% of their time on financial consolidation. Additionally, stakeholders get instant access to the financial statements and reports from anywhere.


  • Ambronite – are company lunches often running too long? Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal that takes hunger away from even the most diligent Santa’s little helpers for 4-5 hours. Just mix the bag full of nutritious ecological ingredients with water, and you’re good to go.
  • Nordic Hug – if your screen looks like Santa’s flight-goggles after Christmas, Nordic Hug has just the solution for you. They make professional grade, easy to use, disinfectants that will make your screens and electronics glow like Rudolf’s nose on Christmas Eve.
  • Yousician – get a Yousician account for your office and unleash your co-workers inner musicians. Yousician works with a real guitar and either a web browser or a mobile device. This instrument teaching software will guide you all the way from rookie to superstar. Heavily used by Santa’s elves during offseason.