Dear Santa, this is what our startup wants for Christmas vol. 2

The holidays are coming and it’s that time of the year again when people buy gifts. Companies and startups, however, are often ignored and the goodies go to family and friends. Last year, we made the first Startup Sauna’s Christmas List of products and services for companies to kick-start a crisp, new year after eating all that holiday ham.

Santa, this is what our startup wants this Christmas!


Softagram – Full as a tick, you might have trouble grasping all that new holiday-season-written code. Softagram visualizes your software giving you a better understanding of your code boosting your software productivity and cuts dev onboarding time in half. They support all mainstream languages and works with Git.

Finch – Building a stronger and more fruitful relationship between web developers and designers this tool takes collaborative web development to a whole new level. Inspect and edit any live website while all changes in the background are translated to the original website’s code.


Clerk – Forget that end-year accounting spree and finding all those receipts. Now small business owners and employees can get accounting within minutes, not weeks.


Standuply – Get back on track on what’s happening at the office. Automated standup meetings with results delivered straight to Slack, Trello and email. Loved especially by project and product managers as well as scrum masters.

Wild cards

Arctic Robotics – Need some extra security for your data center? Autonomous indoor flying drones for security and monitoring to keep you safe from Santa’s little helpers.

Entocube – Chirp, chirp! Shipping container —> microclimate —> insects —> protein. Enjoy some high quality protein in the form of cricket powder. D-liscous. P.S. if you’re in the EU, crickets are decorative objects, not food 🙂

Vital Smith – Enhanced fertility in your pocket, a vital ingredient if you need to expand the company team without hiring anyone.

Have a holly jolly Christmas y’all!