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Data and research on startups

Data and research are important for understanding the dynamics of the startup ecosystem. Our aim is to support research on startups and startup culture. Currently, data on startups and startup ecosystem is quite scattered. Here is a list of startup ecosystem data sources. Additions and suggestions to the list are most welcome.

The most comprehensive and best updated directory for Finnish startups is


The Startup100 lists all Finnish startups with separate tabs on the latest funding rounds, exits and failures, and trending Finnish startups based on their digital presence (“hotlist”). Automatic data updates from the Vainu´s databases (including Finnish trade register) and Crunchbase.

Startups are defined as companies that focus on developing their own products and that are younger than 10 years. Anyone register their startup by filling out the form here! The Startup Foundation has supported the latest development sprint of the service.

 The Foundation also keeps a directory on the ongoing research projects.

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