We are very proud of our graduates who are currently changing the world. We have 109 alumni who have raised $36 million in funding.


Online shopping rewards card is like a rewards card for online shopping. Instead of going directly to an online shop, our users access retailers’ websites via links at our site. When an user makes a purchase, the retailer pays us a commission and we in turn pay the user some money back from his or her purchase in the form of cashback. We have already generated millions of euros in additional sales for our 400 merchant partners in Finland alone.



Dashboard for photographers

Mewo is a booking and management system for photographers to keep their sales and service high.



Food simplified

Ambro is breaking the boundaries of food. We’re redefining food with the world’s first natural, nutritionally optimized Complete Meal Smoothie – Your healthy, tailored meal in two minutes. Ambro is food simplified.

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