We are very proud of our graduates who are currently changing the world. We have 173 alumni who have raised in total over $88 million in funding after graduating the program.


Awakening of Heroes

Awakening of Heroes is an indie game for mid-core gamers, a perfect balance between casual Facebook games and pretty demanding Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre.

Created by COFA Games team, Awakening of Heroes is a multi-player video game that allows two teams to compete against each other in real time. By simply logging on Facebook, a player will get a chance to choose a favorite hero and join a team in an unpredictable battle. We are also preparing a ‘stand alone’ version, as well as a version for tablet devices. AoH Game is integrated with Oculus Rift, providing a unique experience of virtual reality.



Pay per minute for live interactions

We are building the “Paypal for time”, the payment system that people worldwide will use to pay for time and knowledge. Minutizer is a pay per minute system for real time interaction that takes place on Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, and more other audio&video platforms, or even face to face. This is a horizontal business that targets several business verticals and because we are the 3rd party system for payments made per minute – we can integrate in all major communication systems. Our competition can not do this: Google will never build a Skype integration; Viber will never build a Hangouts or Skype integration and so on.



A digital tool for ocean exploration

Oceans is an award winning digital tool for ocean exploration, allowing scuba divers and the ocean community to explore, log and share underwater adventures with friends and divers around the world — making it possible for anyone to discover the oceanic life under the surface.


Online shopping rewards card is like a rewards card for online shopping. Instead of going directly to an online shop, our users access retailers’ websites via links at our site. When an user makes a purchase, the retailer pays us a commission and we in turn pay the user some money back from his or her purchase in the form of cashback. We have already generated millions of euros in additional sales for our 400 merchant partners in Finland alone.



Dashboard for photographers

Mewo is a booking and management system for photographers to keep their sales and service high.



Food simplified

Ambronite is breaking the boundaries of food by making healthy eating fast. We help people lead enjoyable, healthy lifestyles through life sciences by creating real-food drinkable supermeals that completely fulfill the human body’s nutritional needs.

TiGa Raman

Low-interference Raman spectroscopy

“Molecules are quantum mechanical oscillators. The selectivity or the ability to identify chemicals of the vibrational spectrum is based on the fact that each molecule has its characteristics spectrum, fingerprint, defined by the geometry, atomic masses and the bonds. Thus the vibrational spectrum of a molecule is an “universal” constant – for example H2O, CH4 etc. spectra are identical on Earth and in a distant galaxy. The intensity (photons (/sec  / spectral element) is the basis for the quantitative analysis, (g/liter of target analyte the sample contains). Analytical applications of vibrational spectroscopy had already a major role World War 2 engine fuel development – the vibrational spectra were collected with (slow, noisy and bulky) prism  Mid Infrared (MIR) monochromators. Since the absorption coefficients are high at MIR, the sampling is “painful and difficult”. Starting from 1970,  the demand for online process, low cost and portable instrumentation instrumentation resulted Near InfraRed (NIR) analysers which provide easy sampling and potential for use of fiberoptic probes allowing the physical separation of the instrument from the process. However, the information that NIR can provide is very restricted compared to MIR spectroscopy. Starting from 1990, Raman spectroscopy started to enter to the analytical instrumentation markets. Raman is an inelastic scattering process of photons from the molecules of the studied samples. Raman combines the high information content, of MIR, easy sample handling and potential for fiber optic sampling of NIR. In recent years, Raman has entered also to portable markets and the growth is high. Present applications of Raman include analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical industry material identification and quality control, military, homeland security, forensics, bioprocess monitoring, anything where we want to identify or measure concentrations of chemicals and the need for this ability is huge. The largest obstacle for the explosion of the Raman instrument markets, is the fact that Raman emission, being a weak phenomenon, is easily masked by fluorescent photons emitting from the sample when probed with the excitation laser. The fluorescence is a prohibiting problem in 90 % of the otherwise potential Raman applications. Our technology suppresses the fluorescence with a combination of a pulsed laser excitation and time gated detection, based on the fact that Raman response time is below 1 picoseconds whereas typical fluorescence lifetimes are few thousand picoseconds. The technology has potential to be applied in microscopy, process- and portable instruments”


The drug discovery platform. is a combination of the following components:
– a comprehensive, carefully-curated database of commercially available small molecules,

– a scalable search, simulation and data-mining  platform specialized
for drug research, including components from commercial software
vendors like ChemAxon, BioSolveIT, open source components and in-house developments,
– a simple molecule procurement service.

Using our service, researchers from pharma and biotech companies can go through easily the virtual, computer-supported part of the drug discovery up to the stage where they finally order chemicals for the biological trials.



Automated optimization for gaming companies Identifies the most valuable customers from engagement, viral and revenue aspects for gaming companies. We can predict when and why they are about to leave or reduce engagement, and give recommendations how that can be improved.



Tribe Studios Ltd. is a Finnish game startup. We work exclusively to develop Stagecraft, which is a service offering short multiplayer games where users interact with each other to create stories.


imgn is a platform which allows users to combine photographs in a scene and publish it in a 3D environment. The main goal is to create the biggest geotagged photographic database.


The idea is simple: scenes, made with nearby photographs, will be connected to each other and in the end, converted in full 3D world model, which will be constantly updated by new photographs. The most important thing in this project is that,  the whole thing will be made by users.


Currently, team is working on mobile application, which will automatically set and geotagt photographs in 3D environment. Also, we are making dynamic level layouts 3D point & click adventure games, based on scenes and stories made by users.
In a few months we are going to launch a huge location based game project, which combine virtual fun with a real life.



Yousician (ex-Ovelin)

Ovelin is a edu-tech company based in Helsinki, dedicated to change the way how people learn to play a musical instrument. Ovelin aims to combine the addictive features of computer games and guitar exercises. Founded in the end of 2010 by two guitar dropouts, Ovelin currently has 3 products (September 2013).

Bear in mind, that this description is a bit outdated!

WildChords is an iPad game for complete beginners (7+ years) to learn to play guitar fast and easy for free. Teaches basics of guitar, tuning, chords and melodies. #1 music app in 34 countries and winner of over 25 awards. 130k users to date.

GuitarBots is the continuation of WildChords. With the game for beginners and advanced players (12+ years), you can learn guitar online, but lets you also play real songs, rhythms, guitar riffs etc. Currently on browser, and mobile versions coming soon. About 120k users to date.

GuitarTuna is the most popular guitar tuner app on Android and iOS. The best free tool for easy, accurate guitar tuning that works in noisy surroundings. 1.5M users, 10-15k downloads daily.

Ovelin currently employs 15 people in Helsinki, Tampere and San Francisco. The company won several awards and prizes, including being named the #1 hottest startup in Finland 2012 (WIRED), Best European Learning game, iPad game of the year (Tilt TV), and winner of the Best Technology Award at Launch-Edu 2013.

More information at


Twenty One Toys

Twenty One Toys creates toys and workshops that teach 21st-century skills like – empathy, failure, creative dialogue and collaboration. We believe toys can do serious things, and that they are underused tools in the classroom, the boardroom, and beyond. Our guiding principle is that play is a unique medium to foster abstract thinking, advance difficult conversations, honour diversity, and encourage positive risk-taking.

Already in over 300 schools, our first toy, the Empathy Toy, has broken ground and proven that toys can teach the soft skills that textbooks can’t. The toy has been featured in the Huffington Post, Fast Company, Ashoka and TEDx, twice. See the story here.

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