Seoul, South-Korea

March 2, 2017

Startup Sauna hosts a two-day coaching event in Seoul March 2-3. During the first day Startup Sauna coaches, who are experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors, will held keynotes on their area of expertise. During the second day early stage startups will receive honest feedback and advise from the coaches based on their pitches. The event is organised together with YSK Media and the follow-up event will be held in fall 2017 in Seoul.


Details & Schedule

  • Deadline:
    February 25, 2017
  • Contact person:
  • Selected startups will be notified at least four days prior to the event.

  • Schedule:

    March 2
    (only for selected startups)

    13:30 Introduction of the program

    14:00 Introduction of Startup Sauna 

    14:30 How to pitch? 

    15:00 Talking to investors & European market 

    16:00 5 steps to make a unique positioning 

    March 3
    (only for selected startups)
    10:00 Pitching + Q&A

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 Pitching + Q&A

    16:00 Networking party


Moaffak Ahmed
VC, Entrepreneur

Moaffak Ahmed is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of marketing and business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia.

Moaffak is currently Founding Partner at Superhero Capital. He is working on early-stage ventures run by passionate founders with massive ambitions. Superhero Capital is looking for the next superheroes aiming for global domination while changing the world for better. Investing in B2B software with the entrepreneurial twist.

Riku Asikainen
Entrepreneur, Angel

Riku is Startup Sauna’s ex-head coach and a seasoned entrepreneur with strong emphasis on growth investments on small and medium-sized companies.

During my entrepreneurial, management and investment career, which started in year 1988, I have been founder, director and investor in more than thirty ventures. Out of those companies, ten have been exited and five gone to zero (some valuable lessons learnt from these) while the rest are still in my portfolio.

During my tenure two companies have grown from zero revenue to five million range, one company to ten million, one to twenty million and one over thirty million of annual revenue.


– Over 20 years of experience on B-to-C business as owner, manager and investor in several different fields of business

– Several financing and re-financing rounds in micro to medium size companies

– Areas of interest: Private equity financing, Growth, Execution, Financing and IT development as a strategic tool in managing customers and sales

Torsti Tenhunen
Entrepreneur, Angel

Torsti (Founder, Pivot5 Oy, and Vice Chairman at Finnish Business Angels), has 18 years of entrepreneur, leadership and investor experience in digital service business, marketing communication and corporate strategy. He is known as an unaffected added value seeker, service innovator and brand strategist.

Torsti’s latest accelerator and investor contributions have been with, Klevu, Media Content News, Musiclock, (EXIT 2015), Frank Students, Rovio, Tieto Corporation, Wärtsilä and Finnish National Gallery. His former employers have been Nokia (Corporate Strategy), Edita (CEO of a subsidiary,, Satama Interactive Oyj (currently and hasan & partners (CEO).

Torsti holds a Vice Chairman of the Board position at Finnish Business Angels Association (FIBAN), Chairman of the Board position at, Board member positions at Klevu and Frank Students.

Anni Rahiala
Startup Sauna team

Anni is Startup Sauna’s very own mechanical engineer, taking Startup Sauna’s network to an unseen level. She has her background at ABB in international sales and at Aalto University representing and leading various student organisations. Anni likes to keep things in good order, preferably in excel format, and hates unpolished pitches. She will gladly help you to tweak your pitch and to avoid the most common mistakes that separates the experts from amateurs on the stage.