Jyväskylä, Finland

August 28, 2017

At a Startup Sauna Local Event, early stage startups will receive honest feedback and advice from coaches who are experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors. By impressing the coaches, attending startups have the opportunity to be shortlisted for the Startup Sauna fall 2017 acceleration program held Oct 16th – Dec 1st in Helsinki, Finland.


Details & Schedule

  • Deadline:
    August 23, 2017
  • Contact person:
  • Selected startups will be notified at least four days prior to the event.

  • Schedule:

    09:30 – Doors open

    10:00 – Introduction

    10:30 – Startups pitch (3min/team)

    12:30 – Lunch break

    13:00 – 1on1 coaching (selected startups)

    13:00 – Talks/roundtables (rest of startups)

    16:00 – Wrap-up


Mike Bradshaw
Industry Expert

Mike Bradshaw (@ ymb) is an evangelist for Solu (http://solu.co). Mike can often be found coaching early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs in the fundamentals of pitching. The one true way to annoy Mike, is to read "bullet point" slides during a pitch (as bullet point slides are a crime against Humanity). In his free time Mike is; a Coach at StartupSauna, a co-driver with the Travelling Salesman project, curator of the Helsinki StartupDigest, enthusiastic visitor of sauna, beer drinker and the holder of a British passport.

Kasper Suomalainen

Kasper is an entrepreneur and a radio show producer as well as the previous Captain of Startup Sauna. Currently, he’s the CEO of Machines Inc, a company that makes chatbots for industries with high fan engagement such as music, media, and sports. He’s also the producer of Startup Radio at Radio Helsinki and has been heavily involved in the startup scene in Finland for the past 4 years.

His expertise is heavily geared towards business development with knowledge in sales, marketing, digital services and team building. While coaching a variety of startups in Northern Europe and Asia for the past few years, he’s also found a true love for the art of pitching. During his spare, he’s the Director of Community at Startup Sauna.