Gdansk, Poland

September 13, 2017

At a Startup Sauna Local Event, early stage startups will receive honest feedback and advice from coaches who are experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors. By impressing the coaches, attending startups have the opportunity to be shortlisted for the Startup Sauna fall 2017 acceleration program held Oct 16th – Dec 1st in Helsinki, Finland.


Details & Schedule

  • Deadline:
    September 6, 2017
  • Contact person:
  • Selected startups will be notified at least four days prior to the event.

  • Schedule:

    16:30 – General intro by Slush, Sauna, and Junction

    17:00 – Sauna introduction

    17:30 – 10 startups pitch (3 min + Q/A) 

    18:30 – Break

    18:45 – 1on1 coaching (selected startups)

    18:45 – Talks/roundtables (rest of

    20:00 – Wrap-up

    20:30 – Afterparty


Jarmo Kuusivuori

Jarmo has been top-performing and experienced Board Member / CEO / General Manager / VP of Sales / Business Coach in many global IT companies during the last 25 years. He is also experienced with startups. Fast growth and internationalization are something he is very skilled at. He has worked in IT business, gaming industry as well as in car industry. He has executed several acquisitions and turn arounds. He has held over 25 board memberships globally. He has interest in helping people to grow as leaders and companies to succeed internationally.

Pontus Stråhlman
Entrepreneur, Angel

Pontus Stråhlman is a serial entrepreneur and recently a full time angel investor and FiBAN board member. Pontus started angel investing in 2014, and has been an active member in the investment community ever since. He is also the lead angel in the syndication that is behind the investment prize in the winner of the Slush 2016 Pitch100 competition.

Matti Kari

I'm a serial (and parallel) entrepreneur by heart. In 2001, ended up co-founding the first really popular social networking, service in Finland, IRC-Galleria; some 80% of 13-25 year old Finns spent on average 45 minutes daily on the site - and that was before mobile Internet! I've later co-founded a few companies and I also help some more as an advisor. My other passion is music and especially vintage music electronics, and as sort-of-hobby-business I run a recording studio and repair shop for vintage keyboards, tube amplifiers, open-reel tape recorders and such.