Meet The Team

Karolina Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Sauna’s First Lady. Originally from the Soviet Union, Karolina holds a degree in Media and Comms and thus is often annoyed with bad stories and wall-of-text pitch decks. Mother of basketball, yoga and IPA.

Jesse Miettinen

Chief Operating Officer

Jesse's background is in mechanical engineering. He always tries to find rational solutions for rational problems, what an operations guy!

Anni Rahiala

Chief Networking Officer

Anni, our very own mechanical engineer, is taking Startup Sauna’s network to an unseen level. Contact her if you wish to reach our alumni or discuss about partnering up with us.

Jan Bubienczyk

Chief Marketing Officer

Jan Bubienczyk, the CMO at Startup Sauna. He is a Pro-Am esports athlete. He is particularly crazy about A/B-testing trivial things, like his tinder profile's pictures and bio.

Moaffak Ahmed

Head Coach

Serial entrepreneur and hands-on early stage investor with over 20 years of marketing and business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia.

Mike Bradshaw

Head Coach

The fresh head coach of 2017. Probably best known for his *direct*, honest and actionable feedback which he has been delivering to startups since 2010.

Antti Niini

Space Emperor

The shell of a biker and the core of a teddy bear. Antti a.k.a. the Space Lord smoothly takes care of everything related to the Startup Sauna co-working space.

Kasper Suomalainen

Director of Community

All-around hustler, Royal Hostess, and community-glue at Startup Sauna. If you have any general questions, want a quick tour or are hosting a delegation, shoot him a message.

For Press

Feel free to use our logo. You can find the RGB versions here. If you have any questions about the usage or need some other material, feel free to shoot a message to Jan.