Steve Blank

Blank is serial entrepreneur, cofounding 8 startup companies in Silicon Valley. His last company E.piphany made a 2 billion dollars IPO in 1999. Today he is best known as a Stanford professor, reforming entrepreneurship education and innovation ecosystems around the globe.

Blank now has over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, founding eight venture-backed technology companies, four of which have gone public. The companies’ products ranged from semiconductors and business software to supercomputers and games. After the two billion dollar IPO of E.phipany, Blank retired from entrepreneurship and decided to share what he had learned.

He created the Customer Development model to better understand the patterns of building successful start-ups and how to go from product to market. Blank’s experience taught him that the model for success was repeatable and the book he wrote, Four Steps to the Epiphany, became a bestselling technology entrepreneurship bible and has effectively revolutionized the way startups are built.