Accelerator for early-stage tech startups

Acceleration means the rate of change in velocity of an object with respect to time. Also object’s acceleration is the net result of any and all forces acting on the object as described by Newton’s second law. Startup Sauna is an accelerating force in a positive direction.

The accelerator provides growth hacks, practical tips & tricks to early-stage related problems from experienced entrepreneurs. During the 3 week program, startups obtain in-depth industry knowledge and broad networks from Startup Sauna coaches.

Startup Sauna has been accelerating founders since 2010. With our alumni and Net Promoter Score of 9,4 – we can proudly say, here you will meet the most experienced coaches in Europe.




After filling the application form, Startup Sauna will hold a coaching session with the most promising companies. Also prepare to answer the following questions:

– Why your company’s vision matters?

– How big is the market opportunity?

– What is your teams unfair advantage?


Applicable Teams

Startup Sauna accepts startups with:

– Ambitious vision

– Global target market

– Implemented tech proving team’s capability

Based on our experience, the alumni companies have benefited the most from Startup Sauna when they have been close to product launch. We are open to all different verticals from B2B to B2C and from software to hardware, and we make sure that all the accepted companies make the most out of Startup Sauna no matter which vertical they are from.



Intensive, full-time 3-week program held at the Startup Sauna co-working space in Helsinki, Finland.

The program is designed to instill transformational leadership, business acumen and a supportive network for early-stage startups.

70+ serial entrepreneurs, angel investors and VC’s are coaching and available during the program. Startups will have dozens of investor meetings and 1on1 sessions with people who’ve actually built companies from ground up.



After the program the follow up phase begins, Sauna will make sure startups reach their milestones and metrics and provide relevant intros.