Froont raises 150000€ from Inventure

Great news – our Fall 2012 kick-ass alumnus, Froont, from Riga has announced their 150k€ funding round from Inventure. The deal for up to 3 Sauna alumni every year was published last Fall and this was the first round landed after the deal was launched. We couldn’t be happier for Sandijs, Anna and the rest!

Riga Warmup Fall 2012

Inventure Sami @ Riga Warmup Fall 2012

We even found a random picture from the Riga Warmup from Fall of 2012 where Sami from Inventure was saying probably something even more random. But the point being, they fell in love with Froont and the founders the moment they saw them on stage. I personally remember the joyful feeling that you get when you meet that 1 out of 100 startup that has a lot of stuff figured already before you start beating the crap out of them.

So once more, congratulations and make great things happen Froont. Thanks for TechHub Riga for hosting us once again!