Get funded or die trying – Investors on Startup Sauna

Hey ya’ll!


Slush is coming up and there’s a great deal of investors coming over. Startup Sauna has put its heart and soul into getting all these great people into the darkness of November to meet great entrepreneurs and startups. We wanted to give you a sneak preview of what were the investors’ feelings after the Startup Sauna Investor Breakfast Spring ’12.

We started inviting the European and Russian investors to meet the region’s and Startup Sauna’s startups in Fall 2011. During the last year our region’s startup ecosystem has finally reached the critical mass of startups and talent that we’re now honored to have even some of the partners fly out here to check out the quality of the whole region’s companies. This has always been our aim – to give our region’s startups a chance to meet all of the most prestigious investors in one place during a few days a couple times each year.


We couldn’t be happier to have witnessed what we have managed to build up together during these last few years and are eagerly awaiting what the future brings about. Thanks to everybody for helping out and let’s keep up the good work!